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Damage weapon - DayZ

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damageTable = {
	{"M4A1 CCO SD",1000},
	{"M4A1-S (Cyrex)",2000},
	{"M249 SAW",10000},
	{"AK 74 GP-25",7000},
	{"AKS Gold",4500},
	{"SVD Camo",1},
	{"Nóż myśliwski",15000},
	{"Katana (Deadpool)",45000},
	{"Piła spalinowa",2000},
	{"Butelka zapalająca",25},
	{"GOOD NIGHT",45000},
	{"Pistolet (Deadpool)",15000},
	{"М134 Minigun",1000},
	{"VZ 61 Scorpion",3000},
	{"Winchester M1866",8500},
	{"SPAZ-12 Combat Shotgun",9500},

Why this not working? Weapon take other number damage..

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