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server tradition me

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There is someone imitating server mine "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia" server

 Has this name is a tradition that serves the name "KSA | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh السعودية"
and this 

 This server has a fake property name mine

This name is official "Saudi Arabia | ~ Team YrF9 '- ~ | Hajwalh Saudi Arabia"

This is the official IP ""

This person has a server that uses his own server as a deduction and the servers are repeated in your name and this causes a problem for us in the visitors. Please take the necessary action.

and i want any way Anyone player searching in search mta sa don't 
The enemy server does not appear. I want to approve the official search under my server "YRF9' " 

and thanks.


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