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Liyones's discord ban appeal

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@Dutchman101 hello sir ,  in the past i got banned from forum because you was thinking im Mustafa and before few monnths you unbanned me because you found the right , before unban i maked accounts to try to talk with you but  you banned me , when you unbanned me on forum i maked new account in discord and i joined discord then i did stay few months before few hours someone name "thor" banned me reason "evading ban" when i contacted him he said i have 3 accounts banned in discord ; and he told me i must talk to who banned me first to unban me can you unban my last account please because the first ones was with temp maile , can you unban my discord account "Liyones#3584" please , with my respect and love , liyones!
Im banned by : the first acounts was banned by  @Dutchman101 and the last one by @Tut
discord name Liyones#3584 'hope you unban my discord acc , because the 3 old ones was open with temp mail"

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I got nothing to do with this ban, you're mistaken, for all I know you got banned by a discord moderator (Tut) because of some rules violation on discord, after which you decided to evade discord bans that you have received from moderators there, causing you to be re-banned.

I will move this to the Site/Forum/Discord/Mantis/Wiki related section and let the moderator that banned you take a look. It will be locked until then. If Discord moderators want to handle it, they will unlock it and leave a reply.

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All 5 regardless of which you have access to, are scheduled to be removed from our ban list on January 20. For future reference please warn us of any concurrent bans you might have on different accounts, so to not have us ban your active account for evading. 
Please note that after I banned your 4th account (after I saw you had 3 current bans in the discord server), you should not have connected using your 5th as that's considered evading your ban. Stick to one account from now on, same goes for forums, unless you need multiple. Read more on the Rules page -> B. User Accounts Rules #5.


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