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Global TRAINER ban appeal

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I was recently globally banned by MTA for reason: TRAINER. I'm not aware of any trainers/cheats/DLL injectors on my PC and do not know why I've been banned. My serial is 3FBF55BABF6B1CC28A56386CB9F8AC02 and my in-game name is the same as my forum name.

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The reason for your ban is that we found out who you are..

37 minutes ago, kreizi said:


Is your second PC (besides serial F9776D3C1B798479A2786C2EB0452E44) that you started using after receiving a ban (on 07A2681B473628E33B69A294BAE861F3) for trying to use an exploit on the 28th of December. That exploit means you were trying to develop cheats and it got detected.

Appeal denied, your other serials have the same ban expiration date as your main PC now. Wait it out.


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