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Unban Appeal

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My serial: B457DB62D0F4D96E32C8D05768690783
Reason: Trainer

Well.. hello there, lets start from where it all began. So one day me and my friend were bored and we decided to make MTASA's first aimbot. Took us less than a week working on it. What was left to do was make the memory believe that its reading normal values and not unusual values. Anyway so we saw what was left to do and we didn't manage to bypass the anti-cheat protections and we were like 😮 it, we ditch all the work and throw it away. You would ask why we would throw it away, cause we saw alot of work ahead to be done.. no less than a week later I decided to log back onto a server to check something out. Boom had a fat ui stating that I'm banned for a trainer, I know how I was caught too it was during a testing session (hah). Anyway decided to try my chances at getting unbanned (so I can play with what's left of GTA:SA since sooner or later we all are going to grow out of it); without trying sketchy :~ fair and square.  Not going to babble anymore since you most likely get the idea.

Thanks for your time,


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Appeal denied.

Besides cheat development that got you guys originally banned, you did far more serious (and even illegal) things afterwards and you're well aware of it.

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