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Looking for a good host in 2020

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Hello to everyone.


I would appreciate it if friends with experience answer this topic.In the past a lot of people have opened the topic for a good host.but it's been over a lot of time and we really need help.It's hard to manage a server with zombies or peds.Because many players are getting poor performance from the server.(high ping or lowest level FPS)

When we buy a host in Europe, it is a problem for players of the Americas.Likewise when we get a host from the continent of america, those in europe are having problems.

Can an experienced friend recommend a good host company?Need a good company or a good location.If you have a really good suggestion, can you share with us? We will really be grateful.

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I'm not aware of any particularly good hosts myself, but have you had a look at the Hosting solutions forum?

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Hi Tut,

Yes ı looked at all the topics.they are very old or unanswered topics.ı looking for a really good performing host.

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