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meta.xml include resource bugged?

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Hello. I have a problem, I think <include resource .. thingie possibly a bit bugged... And I need a help with it.

I have made so called "coremarkers" resource. How it works: you create a race map, put objects (solid boxes model=3798). Open map meta.xml and add <include resource="coremarkers" />. Then when map starts, coremarkers resource starts too and it converts solid boxes into floating boxes without collisions (pickups). 

Usually it works great, so, map starts, coremarkers start, map stops, coremarkers stop. BUT sometimes coremarkers not stop and it cause problems. I think it's a bug and I don't know exactly how to reproduce it. At some point of testing,coremarkers simply not stop or not start when map starts. 

Perfectly coremarkers should start when map with coremarkers starts and restart if map played again or stop if map without coremakrers started. And it actually works like that but not always.

Must be possible to fix it using Lua scripting but I feel like it's rather hardcoded problem with <include resource.. and honestly no idea how to fix it ezly. Need to write checker which will look into meta.xml and see what resource included and then start it when required and stop. I really don't like this solution

Sounds like some annoying bug no one will look into but I hope someone can help me or at least confirm it. About include resource is bugged I know long time ago I think even some scripters confirmed it too. I hope it can be fixed as it's really important thing. 

coremarkers.zip and map for tests

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Well, exact problem is resource not stopping sometimes for some reasons. And no one start it manually, it's all done only using include feauture, so I think it's a bug.

Maybe really not a big problem. I will use some event (something like onMapStopping) to reset all the things in my coremarkers, then it should work I think. 

P.S. oh no. That's dumb. I am completely lost

P.P.S. funny thing it's all already working great but bug happens sometimes and it's really annoying. So maybe in future projects better to not use include at all to avoid bugs :|


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