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[DEMO] Multiple context key binding system


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Multi Key Context System (UNAPPLICABLE)

Most of server owners tend to bind keys in an unconvenient way like show inventory bound to letter I or K. This can lead to a bad user experience while playing in your server as it would be needed to leave a main control to activate a secondary - leave mouse or WASD to press F1, F2, Fn. Also, binding too much different keys can cause confusion and it's hard to remember. To overcome this lack of keys, which happens mainly in RPG style, this resource makes multi functionalities bound to a key easy to use following a context based approach.

The main useful thing of it is with colshapes. You can attach colshapes to different elements and make a single key interact with both in different ways. Some examples are interaction with NPCs, sprunk vending machine, repair single car parts by getting close and pressing a key and much more. It's all about creativity.

I'll release it as soon as I can fix some performance issues and make a documentation, but you can see it on my Github.


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