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Which weapons will we be able to use in deathmatch?


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i think they wil make that we can use evry wepon in the game just like they sad about the bule in mta vc ,,, and plus the mta team its moing up whit ther work so i think there will be evry gun just not the rocket launcher because it will be reall cheeeeppppp

thats just what i think

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I would like to see also perhaps all weapons featured in the mod. Heavy weapons would be fun to demolish people with, however getting constant kills with them would become boring. Snipers would be interesting to use, they would be nice to use in clanwars to take down the opponents from long range etc.

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From what I know they will put all the weapons and it will be server admin job to set the weapons players will be able to use.

Exactly what I think and imo it should be that way.

About the rocket launcher wars, same story, its up to the server admin to set them and its up to you on which servers you play, so I don't think they should remove them. I want all weapons included :P

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by my experiences with the race-mod that means we can look forward to see ALOT of maps with rocketlaunchers played on public servers... =)

dont get me wrong, the idea to let the mapcreator specify which weapons can be used in the map is a good idea.

but with those kiddos on the servers there should be a option to turn some weapons off for the admins too.

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