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Unban Appeal

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Hello, I would like to ask for an unban.

I played MTA a long time ago, but I had stopped because I started playing another game (CS: GO) and also because I had tired of MTA, a while ago my friends were playing MTA and they called me to play, so I downloaded GTA and also MTA and I opened the game but when I went to click to enter a server appeared a ban message that said the following sentence: Disconnected: You were banned from the server by MTA Reason: TRAINER. I found it strange because I had never used anything like this, I  have used CHEAT ENGINE to put money in a truck game called Euro Truck Simulator 2, I have never used this program in MTA because the only game modes I played is "Roleplay, dayz and drift". (Sorry for my bad english, isn't my main language)

I would like to get unbanned of MTA because I think if I did something wrong I will never do it again and also because I want to play with my friends and also because I'll never use cheat engine in other games to put money or something like that.

Serial: 56ADC1EB749025304758F01C835D7B93

Have a nice day or a good night.


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Hi WillSmoka (yes we know who you really are),

Please stop trying to act like a different person and try your luck to get unbanned after changing your serial. It no longer works because your method of serial changing has been blocked. You can't fool us, have a good day!


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