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Is there any limit of number of used resources for local servers?


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Im working on a roleplay server and I always test the resources in local host server, however I have just noticed today that the freshly added resources are not even running on the server, only the older ones. Ive tried to start them with command but the server just cant find 'em while they are clearly there.. Currently there are maybe 20 resources running on the server.. The only thing what came to my mind was maybe there is a limitation of usable resorces for local servers..

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As far as I know, there is no limit to the resources that you can run on a local server, and even if we assume that there was one, it would be much higher than 20. Your problem is certainly a very unusual one. Make sure that the new resources which you added have the correct meta.xml, and each resource does not have its files in sub folders.

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