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Huge super important thing!

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Alright... after reading through every (yes, EVERY) post in the MTA forums, I have come to the conclusion: MTA seriously needs to say you're disconnected, when you're disconnected.

Most problems are solved by disconnecting/reconnecting... but you're already disconnected if you're having to disconnect/reconnect. MTA says you're still connected, even when the data rate is frozen...

Just a thing for 0.4... make sure MTA says you're disconnected when you are :wink:


srry if this message is a little cryptic... haven't slept in 30 hrs. :?

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And now you do ; The little light in upper right states if you are connected or not. like a PING?PONG! in IRC. If it flashes every 5 seconds you are connected. if it is not ... um you are not connected

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