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Errors CD16/CD09

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I am looking for some assistance... I am getting errors CD16 or CD09 when attempting to join any server on my desktop. I cannot connect to any server in the Internet list, and I cannot connect to the Map Editor server. I have verified it is not the network, as my laptop is able to connect fine. Both the desktop and the laptop are on Ethernet connections. I've ran the MTADiag and have the results for that.

I've also tried the "servicing.bat" a few times and that has not resolved the issue. After running it as an admin, I restarted the desktop, and when it rebooted, Windows said it was "fixing" my C Drive where Windows is installed.  That happened both times when running the servicing.bat. 

I tried fumbling around in my desktop's firewall settings, but honestly, not real sure what all I managed to do in there. I turned off the firewall settings which did not allow a connection. The only antivirus I have, that I know of, is Windows Defender. 

If it matters, here's the other thread I made for the same desktop back in 2017: 

I'm not sure what else to do, so I'm coming here for some help. I'm fine re-doing any of the steps I've tried above if need be. Thanks!


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Bumping this as I am still having issues on both an Ethernet connection and a WiFi connection just on the desktop.

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