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[HELP] Largest Player Money


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4 minutes ago, Ceeser said:

Please expain a bit more:

Are you using a db?
Are you using accountData?
Are you using elementData?
Do you wanna use something else?

Does not count, because i want know.

for example i use elementData.

Please answer me.

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That actually makes a difference.. Well for elementData you could do that:


funciton getRichestPlayer()
	local tblPlayersMoney = {};

	for _, player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do
  		table.insert(tblPlayerMoney, {player = getPlayerName(player), money = getElementData(player, "money")});

	table.sort(tblPlayersMoney, function (a, b) return a.money > b.money end);

	for i, v in pairs(tblPlayersMoney) do
  		outputChatbox("Place " .. i .. " is " .. v.player .. " with " .. v.money .. "$", 255, 255, 255, true);


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