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help garage tunning


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hello guys i have two problem so when player write a command /garage he move into garage tunning

i wanna do like if he staying in garage he start giving like slap.. so i used this

				setTimer(function ()
				end, 5000, 1)

he gives once and this

				setTimer(function ()
				end, 5000, 1)

problem two if a player is in a garage and there is a random map the problem is that he moves to the spawn map
and i wan't like this. i want if he is in a garage he stays in a garage If he is out player return to spawn map

so what i use for functions?


like this?




EDIT:: the first problem i fixed i think problem it was on number 1

i mean here

				end, 5000, 1)

i changed to 0 and work

so could anyone help me in problem two?


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problem first fixed
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i got here table why??

addEventHandler("onMapStarting", root, updateKiller)

function updateKiller(player)
    if getElementData(player, "state") == "alive" then

i'm trying now like this but there is no error in debug

function updateKiller()
	if getElementData(source,"state") == "alive" then
	setTimer(function ()
		end, 2500, 0)


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