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Map being split up for DM?


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Lets hope its all server side, like spawns and everything, i would like to keep it all open :wink:
Agreed with that

It might take long to face each other but it's still fun.

and crowded area's definitely will be formed like in previous versions.

(super robber spawn wars)

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it would take a lot of people to cover a SA map

Yeah but if you are with your clan and you have the whole map open, you wont get bored as easy, you can go and explorer stuff you havent already found

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As the editor is going to be adapted to it I'm sure there will be no limits placed on map area used. However, I strongly suggest steps are taken to prevent what has happened with the race maps - i.e hundreds of really quite poor and even non-working ones getting spread via the centre.

It's really important that MTA DM has a very strong identity upon release. This means shipping it with a small number of very high quality, well thought out, maps/game modes. Rather than putting in dozens and diluting the whole thing.

The gang community need a 'standard' to get ahold of, the rest of the community will also need something familiar to play, something standard to define what MTA is, something they can find on many servers at any time.

This doesn't rule out creating customised maps and modes of course, but a line should be drawn between them. Think Half Life multiplayer on the one hand (MTA DM) and the many halflife mods (MTA DM Custom) on the other

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Yeah, i agree, i forgot about the map editor, lets hope they include warp points into the editor, then we can do gangwar maps, with warp points for people to fetch weapons or just build bunker type bases for DIY Gamemodes


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