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Zombie health bar

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local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize()
local sX,sY = sX*0.05,sY*0.95

font = "default-bold"

function healthbar()
	local plr = localPlayer
	for k, pedsz in pairs(getElementsByType("ped", root, true)) do
	if getElementData(pedsz, "zombie") then
	target = getPedTarget(plr)
	if (not target) then
		return false
	if (not getElementType(target) == "ped" ) then
		return false
	if (not isElementOnScreen(pedsz)) then
		return false
	dxDrawText("Zombie", sX+460, sY-627, sX+155, sY-19-(32*7), tocolor(0,0,0, 255), 1.5, font, "left", "top")
	dxDrawText("Zombie", sX+461.5, sY-625.5, sX+153.5, sY-17.5-(32*7), tocolor(204, 204, 204, 255), 1.5, font, "left", "top")
	local healthA = dxDrawRectangle(sX+420, sY-600,150, 12, tocolor(241, 236, 253, 114), false)
    local health = getElementHealth(pedsz)
	local lineLength = 100 * (health / 100)
	local healthB = dxDrawRectangle(sX+423, sY-597,lineLength, 7, tocolor(9, 172, 213, 254), false)
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, healthbar)

Hello All,

its simple zombie health bar codes.dxDrawText and dxDrawRectangle look successful.but zombie is losing health but,health bar is doesnt go down :/ sometimes even when ı aim at the zombies,health bar does not appear :( what can ı do for it ? Can my math. be wrong ? 





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21 minutes ago, ArcAngeL said:

I mean zombie is losing health but ,health bar does not go down :/

It has to work.
Health is probably stored in elementData so getElementHealth() always returns 100

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