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Здраствуйте,решил создать свой сервер и хотел бы его поставить на сервер с клиентом мта 1.5unstable не подскажете где его найти я уже на протяжении месяца его ищу только нашел 1.3n 1.4n 1.6n а вот 1.5n нету Подскажите пожалуйста где это найти? Заранее спасибо


Hello, decided to create its server and wanted to would his put on server with client MTA 1.5 unstable not tell me where his find I already for month his't seek only found 1.3 n 1.4 n 1.6 n and here is 1.5 n there tell Me please where this find? Thank you in advance



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2 hours ago, Ellesse said:

Help me

Your english is too unclear to help you effectively, but if I were to make a guess about what you mean, I would say:


If you mean version 1.5(tag also displays like that in server browser), make sure to use custom builds for both the client and server.

Use the source code at https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue for your custom builds. Compatible servers (e.g custom servers) should appear at the top of server list (and show as version 1.5n) in a custom client.

If you need more help, either ask in the russian forum section to make yourself better understandable, or join the MTA discord and ask in either #development or the russian channel.

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