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[HELP] get vehicle components being dummies/having 'subcomponents'?

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Hi all,

it's possible to get a Lua-table containing vehicle component's names using client function getVehicleComponents(). But there also can be components, which are dummies/containers, having subcomponents, e.g.:






Please note that they can be not only 'standard' (as 'boot_dummy', 'door_lf_dummy' etc) in case of custom vehicle models. Is it possible to parse DFF's raw data in a way to detect 'containers' having subcomponents? Perhaps it could be nice to check them via getVehicleModelDummyPosition() (if false, that's not dummy LOL), but this function works only with stock GTA dummies as it is noticed in wiki.


Please help.

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3 hours ago, JustinMTA said:

You can open the DFF in zModeler, unless you insist using scripts.

Sorry, perhaps I didn't explain it correctly. It's really possible to open it with zModeler, but all those vehicles are 'fixed' to work with our tuning system, and there're too many components.

The system works via onClientElementStreamIn()/Out(), making only needed vehicle components visible. In case of sync, I have to write endless component-tables, that looks like a great kind of routine, so I try to find an '(half)-automatic' solution.  

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