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Small question

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Im sorry im posting this, but becose of all those post i dont know if this was posted or not so perhaps there is one like this already.

Finaly i can see ppl moving during a internet game

I found this in this forum (+-):

1. Use ASE to find a game & copy his ip.

2. Open the MTA exe & start an mta game (the gta3 should start auto hit alt+tab)

3. Paste the ip in the ip part.

4. Hit connect then Alt+tab to go bak to the game.

5. Start a new game, wait until the credits start, hit Alt+tab again.

6. Hit respawn botton (its under the disconect botton), alt+tab again :roll:

7. choose a team alt+tab again

8. disconect the server.

9.Connect & alt+tab.

10. have fun.

Now when i do this over a net play i see ppl folling from the roof and they start moving always down the streets they hit my car, they stop a bit then the continue & finaly they hit the house my ping is +- 100 so the problem isnt from lag, have i done something rong or what? ahhh yes i also kill them some repawn, other dont :?

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disconnect and reconnect (leave GTA3 open) one more time...

if that doesn't do it, then I'd say it's just a bug in MTA... a very odd bug... :?

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yeah that bug's a piss off, even sometime when you are connected they appear,maybe their trying to move to a new location? like that damn football feild, or start out, there's always green dots there!

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yea i've noticed in a few games, guy is running i assumed it was a player the first time, but i followed him and the guy always runs (if its there) from the spwaning place by the mafia? down the street, takes left then right under the railway, and anyways keeps running thru china town and then just runs into the sea, doesn't die, and if u do manage to kill him his green dot stays on the radar too

and u can pick up his uzi! i thought it was just an issue where the games didn't connect or something, as i think it only happens if theres no other players...

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Ya, I think this is why people move all funky:

Two people: Person A, person B.

The MTA crew had a problem. If they just copied the position of player A, then the players would seem to move all jerky to person B, because of lag. The running animations would look like crap to person B.

SO: they made it the the person kept running straight for person B, until A's actual location was sent... I'm pretty sure that this bug has to do with GTA3 crashing for A, but MTA staying open.

Since no new info is sent, it just looks to B that A is in fact running straight ahead, until GTA3 is opened again.

Sorry if it's a bit cryptic... I'm just not gonna take the time to fix it.

ONE MORE THING: DO NOT take this as fact... It's 100% possible that I'm wrong, but this seems like a very very likely possibility, and the best thing I can come up with :)

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