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[Selling] IPB 4.x Real Time Chat App/Plugin

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Didn't know where to post this but thought that i might post it here as probably most of MTA community servers use IPB for their forum application.

I recently made a real time chat application for IPB 4.x version that supports youtube, image embedding and few other discord-like features. It also has an option to enable sending/receiving messages from discord.

If there will be some customers, i'll add more support for media embedding from other sites. Such as instagram, vimeo, etc. Currently it only supports youtube and any link that's a direct image (works with gifs too).

It also has its own ban system, editing and delete as well.

It's built on Node.js (really simple to install). It works perfectly fine with any theme or IPB forum that's 4.x

I can also provide demo. Also i could make it that you can view/send chat messages to your MTA server and even otherwise, from server to chat box.

We can discuss price privately. Contact me on Discord: chocolate#9115


Here are some preview images





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