[Blog] Multi Theft Auto's 3rd Birthday (by eAi)

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Today, the 8th of February is Multi Theft Auto's 3rd birthday. As people who have followed MTA since the beginning will know, we've come a long, long way. Not many game modifications survive this long, although, like all mods we've had our fair share of ups and downs, we've certainly all learnt a lot from MTA.

If you are a new player and would like to see how we got here, have a look at the history page on our wiki!

As much as we'd like to celebrate today - go out and get drunk and wonder why we wasted the last 3 years of our spare time - we've been busy working hard on deathmatch, which we plan to be a solid base for our future mods. This is why it may seem like we spend a long time on things that would appear to be very easy, and miss out the things everyone wants to see - we want to try to get it right first time.

Our 'core' technology, 'Blue' itself has been in development for almost 2 and a half years. In this time we were pretty ruthless with our code, in fact almost every part of blue was rewritten at least 3 times - from scratch in most cases. This is why it took us forever to get our first release out! This has certainly made blue something entirely different to what it would have been if we'd continued developing our first attempt.

The whole development team would like to thank all our players who have played Multi Theft Auto for making our work worthwhile and fulfilling. In the two and a half weeks since we release Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas R1, it has been downloaded over 85000 times, we've quite frequently had over a 1000 players playing MTA at once and we've got over a thousand maps on the MTA Center! Please spread the word, tell your friends, lets make this Multi Theft Auto's best year yet!

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Happy Birthday, amazing how far this creation has gone too. =D>

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