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I had a problem. When I click on "body" I have a missing "go." What to do? Help.

addEvent("PlayerJoined", true)
function PlayerJoined()
    setCursorPosition(x/2, y/2)
    body = guiCeateStaticImage(x/2-(y/(1080/280)/2), y/2+y/8.5, y/(1080/280), y/(1080/50), "gfx/go!.png", false)
    go = guiCreateStaticImage(x/2-(y/(1080/400)/2), y/2-(y/(1080/530)/2), y/(1080/400), y/(1080/530), "gfx/body.png", false)
addEventHandler("PlayerJoined", localPlayer, PlayerJoined)


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I realized what the problem was. When you click on a picture, it gets to the foreground. How do I fix it?

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