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Update dxDrawText when the value changes

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Hello there, I have a dxDrawText showing a value from DB, but when the player presses H it will change the value in the DB but it does not change in the dxDrawText, is there any way to make it update when the player presses H and executes the server side function to update the sql value?



function Draw()
	local object = getElementsByType("object")
	for k,element in ipairs(object) do
		if getElementModel(element) == 1319 then
		infid = getElementData(element, "SM:ID")
		text1 = "ID: "..tostring(infid)
			dxDrawTextOnElement (element, text1, 1.3, _, _, _, _, _, 3, _, tocolor(0,0,0,255))
addEventHandler ("onClientRender", getRootElement(), Draw)

function dxDrawTextOnElement(TheElement,text,height,distance,R,G,B,alpha,size,font,bgColor,checkBuildings,checkVehicles,checkPeds,checkDummies,seeThroughStuff,ignoreSomeObjectsForCamera,ignoredElement)
	local x, y, z = getElementPosition(TheElement)
	local x2, y2, z2 = getCameraMatrix()
	local distance = distance or 5
	local height = height or 1
	local checkBuildings = checkBuildings or true
	local checkVehicles = checkVehicles or false
	local checkPeds = checkPeds or false
	local checkObjects = checkObjects or true
	local checkDummies = checkDummies or true
	local seeThroughStuff = seeThroughStuff or false
	local ignoreSomeObjectsForCamera = ignoreSomeObjectsForCamera or false
	local ignoredElement = ignoredElement or nil
	if (isLineOfSightClear(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2, checkBuildings, checkVehicles, checkPeds , checkObjects,checkDummies,seeThroughStuff,ignoreSomeObjectsForCamera,ignoredElement)) then
		local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(x, y, z+height)
		if(sx) and (sy) then
			local distanceBetweenPoints = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2)
			if(distanceBetweenPoints < distance) then
				dxDrawText(text, sx+2, sy+2, sx, sy, tocolor(R or 255, G or 255, B or 255, alpha or 255), (size or 1)-(distanceBetweenPoints / distance), font or "arial", "center", "center")

--Server (don't need to paste the full server code because it's working fine...)
function SM:StartPlayer(player)
		exports.mysql:query_free( "UPDATE ..."... )


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Update the element data of the object, updating the database alone won't change element data

Edited by Shux

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Thanks, find it just had to use the setElementData and it updates.

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