Please, help, login problem.

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Hello! I want to get an advice from you and a problem solution. Thanks in advance.

Bad argument @ "logIn" [Expected account at argument 2, got boolean]

the line is : if (logIn(player, account, password) == true) then

the script is :

function passwordHandler(player, oldpassword, newpassword)
 local account = getPlayerAccount(player)
 if (account) then
  if (isGuestAccount(account)) then
   outputChatBox("You must be logged in to change your password.", player)
  local playerName = getPlayerName(player)
  local password_check = getAccount(playerName, oldpassword)
  if (password_check ~= false) then
   if (string.len(newpassword) >= 5) then
    setAccountPassword(account, newpassword)
    triggerClientEvent(player, "hidePasswordWindow", getRootElement())
    outputChatBox("Your new password must be at least 5 characters long!", player)
   outputChatBox("Old password invalid.", player)
function loginHandler(player, username, password, thePlayer)
 local account = getAccount(username, password)
 if (account ~= false) then
  if (logIn(player, account, password) == true) then

setTimer( spawnPlayer, 2000,1,player, 925.329, 46.152, 80.908)

fadeCamera ( player, false, 1.0, 0, 0, 0 )
 setTimer ( fadeCamera, 5000, 1, player, true, 0.5 )
setElementFrozen(player, false)
setTimer( setCameraTarget,3200,1,player)
   triggerClientEvent (player, "hideLoginWindow1", getRootElement())
   triggerClientEvent (player, "unknownError", getRootElement())
  triggerClientEvent (player, "loginWrong", getRootElement())
function registerHandler(player, username, password)
 local account = getAccount(username, password)
 if (account ~= false) then
  triggerClientEvent(player, "registerTaken", getRootElement())
  account = addAccount(username, password)
  if (logIn(player, account, password) == true) then
   triggerClientEvent(player, "hideLoginWindow", getRootElement())

    setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( player, "radar", false )
  setTimer ( fadeCamera, 50, 1, player,false, 1 )
  setTimer ( fadeCamera, 3000, 1, player,true, 3 )
setTimer( spawnPlayer, 2250,1,player, 806.7,-1350,-0.4)
setTimer(setCameraMatrix,1500,1,player, 808,-1351,-0.4,-1000,0,0,0,0)
--setTimer(setElementPosition,2000,1,player, 806.7,-1350,-0.4)
   triggerClientEvent(player, "unknownError", getRootElement())
function setCameraOnPlayerJoin()
     fadeCamera(source, true, 5)
setTimer ( fadeCamera, 5000, 1, source, true, 0.5 )   
 setCameraMatrix(source, 1000.8785400391, -919.25317382813, 100.153465271, 1468.388671875, -918.42474365234, 99.881813049316)
addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), setCameraOnPlayerJoin)
function hudChangerOnJoin ()
    setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( source, "radar", false )
showChat( source, false)
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), hudChangerOnJoin )
function hudChangerOnLogin ()
    setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( source, "radar", true )
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), hudChangerOnLogin )

function logoutHandler()--We define a function name
    local accountname = getAccountName (getPlayerAccount(source))--we get an account
    if (isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(source)) == true) then
    cancelEvent()--then cancelEvent
--triggerClientEvent("logOutOp", getRootElement())--output him to chatbox that logout is not allowed
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout",getRootElement(),logoutHandler)--we add a event handler which will handle the funciton
function setCameraRegister(player, thePlayer)
setTimer(setElementPosition,1000,1,source, 925.329, 46.152, 80.908)
setTimer( setCameraTarget,1200,1, source )
setTimer ( fadeCamera, 50, 1, source,false, 1 )
  setTimer ( fadeCamera, 3000, 1, source,true, 3 )
setElementFrozen ( source, false )
    setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( source, "radar", true )
showChat(source, true)
addEvent("setCameraRegister", true)
addEvent("submitChangepw", true)
addEvent("submitLogin", true)
addEvent("submitRegister", true)
addEventHandler("submitChangepw", root, passwordHandler)
addEventHandler("submitLogin", root, loginHandler)
addEventHandler("submitRegister", root, registerHandler)
addEventHandler("setCameraRegister", root, setCameraRegister)
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if account = false (boolean) then the problem is somewhere around here

getAccount(username, password)

Also i don't see any "submitLogin" event triggering in your code. Possible problems:

- "submitLogin" event arguments are missing

- "submitLogin" event arguments are incorrect and getAccount function says "i don't know this person"

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