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help dxdrawtext please!


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hey is there a way to turn color coded + clips together in dxDrawText?

In real i read Syntax and i saw you should turn off clip

colorCoded: Set to true to enable embedded #FFFFFF color codes. Note: clip and wordBreak are forced false if this is set.

please help guys i was been searching for weeks and have not found a solution :'(


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10 minutes ago, Overkillz said:

Of couse, you can use dxCreateRenderTarget.


However, it will give you less quality unless you use dxSetBlendMode



I haven't used it once i used dxDrawText to give name of the players but i have no idea what I gave me. can you give me an example

10 minutes ago, N3xT said:

No, It's not possible

However, you can use render targets to achieve that.

example please? but I didn't understand how to use it?

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Just gives you the width of a text depending of the font and size.

It is not going to fix your issue if you are going to use Hexadecimal color codes with the clipping or wordbreaking function.

You are just doing the 'invisible' box of the text adjusted to the text width..


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