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Hi people,

The home server that i host here in Australia has been so busy and so successful that I would like to make it a high speed dedicated 32 player machine in a data centre,

Trouble is i can not find any specs relating to the amount of Data used per player, how much CPU usage and other information so i can make enquiries,

Hopefully with your help we can make this one of the main MTA servers in Australia? I need as much info as possible; just a link to a section on the site where i can find the info would be much appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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Certainly. As you can see by my game-monitor picture, I run a stunting server, fairly popular. At the time of these statistics, I had 10 people exactly, so should make for easy calculations.

Ram usage of mta server: 8,076K Mem 5,936K Virtual Mem (14,012K total)

CPU usage total: 6-10% normal playing, 20% map loads

note: the spikes to 30% are due to me connecting via remote terminal, so disreguard them

Bandwidth usage: about 400-500kbps




MTA:SA Dedicated Server v1.03

Windows 2003 Standard

AMD Duron 1.2ghz

768megs ram

Your biggest worry is latency. Make sure the datacenter you choose has excellent peering. Otherwise, mtasa uses very little resources.

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Thanks for that lmn8r, the figures seem very interesting. For the time being it seems very expensive around here to host the server in a Data centre but i will continue to make enquiries to find out the cost.

I think a Linux server would be the way to go cos the server really tends to hammer the cpu usage on my poor old PII!!! No matter,

Again thanks very much. If other server owners could post statistics that would be great.

I would be curious to see the figures on a max player windows server :D

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