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some help with ASE plz!!

Guest el rey

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I need some help..... I´ve read in an forum how to do but when I am to search up the MTA in ASE I cannot find it.. =/ :cry:

the only game their is is counter-strike......

so my question is ofcourse : why cant my ASE find GTA 3 and MTA ???

also.. me and my friend tried to play but we couldn´t find each others servers...... we were both connected but we didnt know how to find each other....... could anyone tell me please? :wink:

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okay....u first have to let ASE search your computer for games...like mta...

and when thtas done...make sure ur searching for 0.3 not 0.2...this how u do it....highlight GTA:MTA and go to custom config....then browse it to the file where 0.3 is....after thats done..jus refresh it...and there should

be some servers there.. :wink:

you can use ur radar to know where ur friend is on the map...have fun newb

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I mean how do I let my ASE search my computer??

which button to press????

I think yo´ll have to explain really stpe-by-step for me :D


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o o o o....

k...press F2....or go to view/options......then go to the games tab...and go under the not installed ...and find gta:mta...and then it should be in the list...but again u have to let it now ur searching for 0.3 not 0.2....so jus follow my old steps...

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ok open ase go to view > options > games tab > if you don't have mta in your installed games list press on the + to open the not installed games list, locate mta there (its called GTA3:MTA) > click on it > browse to the mta client exe file > press. your all set now from the left menu click on mta and refrsh the list (a button with a red and blue arrows)

hope this helps :D

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hey... I really apriciate your help.. both..... =)

but I have one little more problem.. :oops:

I have found the gta:MTA thing nut I dont knom how to let it know im searching 0.3 instead of 0.2!!!



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I cant right click !?!!!!!!!!!

something wrong?

I find it in the options under games / not installed.... I find GTA:MTA mark it but I cant right click.. =(=( :?::!::?::cry:

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Alright... even I'm getting confused... :)

Install ASE, start it...

answer all the wizards questions....

now, go view -> options, games tab

Find GTA3:MTA under the 'Not installed' thing.

Select it, and hit the 'browse...' button.

find mta.exe (should be in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA III\mta.exe)

hit ok.

now select GTA3:MTA from the list on the left hand side, click refresh, and that should do it.

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yes..... I made it...... al thanz of u.. =)

but if I can play is to see later... unfortunatly I have not time for that now....... I´ll just have to wait...

thanx... :D

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