[Sell] Multigamemode 1.0 [WAR]

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Hello every one ,

well i already opened a server with this resources but i didnt manage it well

the server still open right now and the host will end on 3th nov if u want to live test

and now i want to sell it if any one intrested with buying just contact me here on Forum

or on discord Freaky403#5424

the multigamemode has 4 rooms : ffa tdm tdm2 chill

and 2 more rooms : options and soon

i was planning to open soon in the next update but i got no time and i didnt manage the server as it needed

Resources Source : Open

Resources Price : 50 USD

Will Be Sold : Only Once

Stats : Not Sold

payment method : only paypal or steam

Pictures :






Lobby & system :


In Lobby u can find :

*FFA room : Free for all ( no teams + maps only for ffa )

*TDM room : ( two teams + maps only for tdm )

*TDM II room : ( two teams + maps only for tdm )

*Chill room : ( a place to chill + shop system + special map created by me )

*Settings : ( only to change account password any time u need )

the shop system is connected with level system also

and there is map voter will start after 10min of playing the map ( ffa tdm tdm2 )

and all the scripts is connected to mysql for saving and for other things needed

and there is already added weapons from level 1 till 59 and the max level is 60 ( u can add more )

i already planned for the next update and i still have the note with so many ideas about the update

if u need it feel free to ask for it , i will be giving it for free

only if u want to buy the resources 


thx for reading and ur time

Edited by Freaky403
Status Added

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im selling it so if ur intersted contact me , if not keep ur comments to ur self please

thx for ur comments any ways

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