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Mod Worth It... At All?


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Well I waited for this mod for awile, and yea its beta and yea its buggy, but I mean fuck, this is a big ass heap of crap... I dont write programs so dont lay the "lets see you so better" guilt trip on me... I also know that DCmod is almost as popular as BF1942 in its Alpha stages... I honestly think you guys have wasted your time... do you think if Rockstar thought that GTA3 was ready for multiplayer, they would have made it? They knew that GTA3 was too laggy to do it. You should drop all GTA3 research and move to vice city... GTA/GTA2 are still fun MP, but GTA3's city is too big, its not fun... but whatever guys, you go ahead and waste your time on this.

O yea at the bottom it says MTA theme for phpbb, umm how bout no, this is the space2k theme shit for brains, and the only thing differant is the gayass background picture, that makes everything hard to see... you need a webdesigner....

I know all the moderators are going to reply with, all kinds of dumbass things about how MTX r0x0rz!!! , so Im just not going to come back, Just everyone who reads this... was it worth the wait? in my opinion... NO GTA3 was never meant to be MP.

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dude shut the fuck up if you dont program fucking llearn howto then try to code somthing like this and this aint a heap of junk your just to retarded to be able to understand it go back to school and learn to read so you can read the fucking readme on how to use this

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if you don't like it don't play it! you were talking about desert combat bf1942 mod?! with all do respect to them they didn't code a multiplayer mod, all they did was making new textures and they edited some game files, not to mention modding in bf1942 is a supported feature

don't come here posting threads like that we don't need flame threads

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