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is there any possible way to write a script that modifies mta's ped.ifp into a custom one? I have the modified ped.ifp file already, what to do next?

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local IFP_FILE = "custom_ped_file.ifp"
local CUSTOM_PED_BLOCK_NAME = "ped_custom"

local pedAnims = {"abseil", "arrestgun", "atm", "bike_elbowl", "bike_elbowr", "bike_fallr", "bike_fall_off", "bike_pickupl", "bike_pickupr", "bike_pullupl", "bike_pullupr", "bomber", "car_alignhi_lhs", "car_alignhi_rhs", "car_align_lhs", "car_align_rhs", "car_closedoorl_lhs", "car_closedoorl_rhs", "car_closedoor_lhs", "car_closedoor_rhs", "car_close_lhs", "car_close_rhs", "car_crawloutrhs", "car_dead_lhs", "car_dead_rhs", "car_doorlocked_lhs", "car_doorlocked_rhs", "car_fallout_lhs", "car_fallout_rhs", "car_getinl_lhs", "car_getinl_rhs", "car_getin_lhs", "car_getin_rhs", "car_getoutl_lhs", "car_getoutl_rhs", "car_getout_lhs", "car_getout_rhs", "car_hookertalk", "car_jackedlhs", "car_jackedrhs", "car_jumpin_lhs", "car_lb", "car_lb_pro", "car_lb_weak", "car_ljackedlhs", "car_ljackedrhs", "car_lshuffle_rhs", "car_lsit", "car_open_lhs", "car_open_rhs", "car_pulloutl_lhs", "car_pulloutl_rhs", "car_pullout_lhs", "car_pullout_rhs", "car_qjacked", "car_rolldoor", "car_rolldoorlo", "car_rollout_lhs", "car_rollout_rhs", "car_shuffle_rhs", "car_sit", "car_sitp", "car_sitplo", "car_sit_pro", "car_sit_weak", "car_tune_radio", "climb_idle", "climb_jump", "climb_jump2fall", "climb_jump_b", "climb_pull", "climb_stand", "climb_stand_finish", "cower", "crouch_roll_l", "crouch_roll_r", "dam_arml_frmbk", "dam_arml_frmft", "dam_arml_frmlt", "dam_armr_frmbk", "dam_armr_frmft", "dam_armr_frmrt", "dam_legl_frmbk", "dam_legl_frmft", "dam_legl_frmlt", "dam_legr_frmbk", "dam_legr_frmft", "dam_legr_frmrt", "dam_stomach_frmbk", "dam_stomach_frmft", "dam_stomach_frmlt", "dam_stomach_frmrt", "door_lhinge_o", "door_rhinge_o", "drivebyl_l", "drivebyl_r", "driveby_l", "driveby_r", "drive_boat", "drive_boat_back", "drive_boat_l", "drive_boat_r", "drive_l", "drive_lo_l", "drive_lo_r", "drive_l_pro", "drive_l_pro_slow", "drive_l_slow", "drive_l_weak", "drive_l_weak_slow", "drive_r", "drive_r_pro", "drive_r_pro_slow", "drive_r_slow", "drive_r_weak", "drive_r_weak_slow", "drive_truck", "drive_truck_back", "drive_truck_l", "drive_truck_r", "drown", "duck_cower", "endchat_01", "endchat_02", "endchat_03", "ev_dive", "ev_step", "facanger", "facgum", "facsurp", "facsurpm", "factalk", "facurios", "fall_back", "fall_collapse", "fall_fall", "fall_front", "fall_glide", "fall_land", "fall_skydive", "fight2idle", "fighta_1", "fighta_2", "fighta_3", "fighta_block", "fighta_g", "fighta_m", "fightidle", "fightshb", "fightshf", "fightsh_bwd", "fightsh_fwd", "fightsh_left", "fightsh_right", "flee_lkaround_01", "floor_hit", "floor_hit_f", ":Ou", "gang_gunstand", "gas_cwr", "getup", "getup_front", "gum_eat", "guncrouchbwd", "guncrouchfwd", "gunmove_bwd", "gunmove_fwd", "gunmove_l", "gunmove_r", "gun_2_idle", "gun_butt", "gun_butt_crouch", "gun_stand", "handscower", "handsup", "hita_1", "hita_2", "hita_3", "hit_back", "hit_behind", "hit_front", "hit_gun_butt", "hit_l", "hit_r", "hit_walk", "hit_wall", "idlestance_fat", "idlestance_old", "idle_armed", "idle_chat", "idle_csaw", "idle_gang1", "idle_hbhb", "idle_rocket", "idle_stance", "idle_taxi", "idle_tired", "jetpack_idle", "jog_femalea", "jog_malea", "jump_glide", "jump_land", "jump_launch", "jump_launch_r", "kart_drive", "kart_l", "kart_lb", "kart_r", "kd_left", "kd_right", "ko_shot_face", "ko_shot_front", "ko_shot_stom", "ko_skid_back", "ko_skid_front", "ko_spin_l", "ko_spin_r", "pass_smoke_in_car", "phone_in", "phone_out", "phone_talk", "player_sneak", "player_sneak_walkstart", "roadcross", "roadcross_female", "roadcross_gang", "roadcross_old", "run_1armed", "run_armed", "run_civi", "run_csaw", "run_fat", "run_fatold", "run_gang1", "run_left", "run_old", "run_player", "run_right", "run_rocket", "run_stop", "run_stopr", "run_wuzi", "seat_down", "seat_idle", "seat_up", "shot_leftp", "shot_partial", "shot_partial_b", "shot_rightp", "shove_partial", "smoke_in_car", "sprint_civi", "sprint_panic", "sprint_wuzi", "swat_run", "swim_tread", "tap_hand", "tap_handp", "turn_180", "turn_l", "turn_r", "walk_armed", "walk_civi", "walk_csaw", "walk_doorpartial", "walk_drunk", "walk_fat", "walk_fatold", "walk_gang1", "walk_gang2", "walk_old", "walk_player", "walk_rocket", "walk_shuffle", "walk_start", "walk_start_armed", "walk_start_csaw", "walk_start_rocket", "walk_wuzi", "weapon_crouch", "woman_idlestance", "woman_run", "woman_runbusy", "woman_runfatold", "woman_runpanic", "woman_runsexy", "woman_walkbusy", "woman_walkfatold", "woman_walknorm", "woman_walkold", "woman_walkpro", "woman_walksexy", "woman_walkshop", "xpressscratch"}

-- load the IFP file
if not IFP then
    outputChatBox("Failed to load '" .. IFP_FILE .. "'")

function replacePedAnims(ped)
  for i, animName in pairs(pedAnims) do -- loop the anims table above
    engineReplaceAnimation(ped, "ped", animName, CUSTOM_PED_BLOCK_NAME, animName) -- and replace the original anim with the custom one

addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamIn", root, 
  function() -- on element stream in
    if getElementType(source) == "player" or getElementType(source) == "ped" then
      replacePedAnims(source) -- apply to the element if it's a player or a ped

-- apply animations on script start
for k, v in pairs(getElementsByType("player", root, true)) do
  replacePedAnims(source) -- apply on each streamed in player
for k, v in pairs(getElementsByType("ped", root, true)) do
  replacePedAnims(source) -- apply on each streamed in ped

-- (untested)

However, I'd like to add that because partial animations (i.e. affecting only certain bones, not all) don't work too well (or at least they didn't last time I checked). For example, a running attack only animates the arm -- but the custom replacement will make the player move in near T-pose with only the arm moving, instead of blending the running animation with the arm movement.

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