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[RPG] Utopia Democratic Community [UDC:CnR]


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About the community:


UDC is a project which has been developed since probably 1 year. It's a CnR/RPG/RP project, in this server we're trying to make things as much realistic as we can, we try to give the player the best RP experiance in a RPG/CnR server. We can say this server is based on CIT (Community of Integrity and Transparency) but we got our unique ideas and code. Our goal is the make a completely enjoyable atmosphere for our players to enjoy and not get fed up. Nevertheless, we won't hide the truth that we got some scripts from MTA community (not more that 3 tho).


  • Reach a decent amount of players.
  • Make realistic scripts and improve the gameplay.
  • Make this community to the top.
  • Create a funny and enjoyable atmosphere for the players.






Our Forum

Our Discord

Our Server


Login/Register system

Personel Vehicles

Spawners System


Groups System


Banking System

Turfing System

Fuel System

Custom Shops (Credits: Al3grab)

Housing System


Arrest System

Taser System

Taxi/Pilot/Trucker/Bus Drivers

Police Chiefs

Criminal Bosses

Skin Shops

Safe zones

Hospitals/Respawn System



Drugs System

Animations Panel

And More...



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