TheScorpions | FFA TDM Chill | Levelsys + WepShop

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Hello every one ,

TheScorpions Server just opend :

name : ▉ The Scorpions ▉ | FFA - TDM - Chill - Shop + LevelSys | ▉ EN / AR ▉

ip : mtasa://

Max players : 75


Pictures in-game :





In Lobby u can find :

*FFA room : Free for all ( no teams )

*TDM room ( two teams : lions and hawks )

*TDM II room ( two teams : alpha and delta )

*Chill room ( a place to chill + shop system )

*Settings ( only to change account password any time u need )

*Soon ( will be unlocked in the next update )

First u need to visit the shop to get ur first weapon to start with ( costs 0$ and needs level 0 )

and then u can join and fight with other players in the server

Discord Link

in discord will be :

1- info about the server

2- events / giveaways

3- rooms to talk with ur friends

4- info about the admins

5- info about every update

6- info about donating ( to help us keep going )

7- Ideas room ( to share ur ideas with us so we can improve our server )

8- and last thing is the Rules ( not alot )

Have Fun and Kill each other

if u found any bug or issue feel free to contact our admins in the server or in discord

we will be happy to answer


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