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[LF] Programmer/Designer/Mapper [Non-Paid]

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                 SAEG RPG  - MTA Server!


Skills needed

I need to get interested and trusted people to take this protect forward, including:

  • DX Profesional
  • Programmer (to work with me)
  • Designer (Photoshop)


The server should have:

  • Jobs
  • Bank
  • Temporary Vehicles spawner
  • Vehicle Shops
  • Inventory
  • Trade system
  • Used vehicles shop (players can trade vehicles with other players)
  • Jail (Map + Script)
  • Drug delivery and other criminal scripts
  • VIP system
  • Bank Robbery
  • Other scripts...

All advanced scripts will be scheduled by the server programmers, only the most basic will be downloaded from the community! All scripts will be based on MySQL to work. This is because all the information is gathered in one place so accessible from anywhere in the world, while SQLite is just a file that can only be "treated" by the game...


i want SAEG:RPG to be the top of the mta servers ... i know it's hard but not problem if i try 

Extra Information

I can do things alone i just need someone with me because its hard developing and running a server at the same time and still attending
school so i'm looking for someone that can help me make some decent systems (MySQL) only , so message me privately or my discord

>Mr.Ally<#6666 ,thank you


Record : 59

Players per day : 25/35

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