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CameraMatrix rotation

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Hi all, i needed to be create a camera rotation function, i created something like that:

local camX = cctv.camlx - math.cos(localC.angle / cctv.camlx) * 30

local camY = cctv.camly - math.sin(localC.angle / cctv.camly) * 30

setCameraMatrix(cctv.camx,cctv.camy,cctv.camz,camX,camY,cctv.camlz - localC.height,0,localC.fov)* -- camera position

cctv.caml* -- camera look position

localC.angle -- rotation angle

Depending on rotation of the camera, this script is working, or does not work, when you call the camera does not look at the specified coordinates and rotates each time on a different angle in spite of the specified range (from -40 to 40).

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