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Hi everyone, i would like modify the terrain, flatten specifically.. but i dont have idea how can i do

My idea is reduce elevations and create a flat terrain

I appreciate help and really srry for my bad english. I'm spanish.



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A flat terrain eh, not a great lead. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Flattening terrain that originally had lots of relief would require you to push the verts down, on (IIRC) editable poly with 3ds Max, you can push/pull verts but that may not be what you're looking for. Perhaps you're looking for heightmapping? 

Please elaborate more on what you're trying to achieve, @Fduuuu

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Sorry, i wanna flat this place for example to map a house. I see that i can push verts in 3ds max but, what more i need.. just import .dff file and then change it in gta3.img, right?


Or fix this little mountain too




Thanks for your fast reply !

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Yeah I'd probably push verts down to balance the relief of the model for the house to properly sit on, but that'd be done on a case-case scenario all depending on the shape of the house's bottom. You can also push down faces or edges.

At last, you'll have to adjust the collision for the modified terrain to collide properly. I've made a thread on collisions at: 

If you go with importing the Rockstar default collision of the terrain (recommended) you'll have to match the vertices of the collision mesh to the game mesh. I would use 'Snap to Vertex' to move the collision verts into the game mesh verts positions. 

As an alternative you could duplicate the game mesh and name it 'col_terrainName', then do the collision materials for the sand, dirt, grass and what not. Use 'Select by Material' to quickly select all faces that represent sand or grass and then apply the respective collision material.

For replacing files you could use an MTA script, or do as you said, replace in gta3.img. If you do gta3.img, you'll have to replace the collision inside the collision archive (which likely contains 20+ other collisions). I use Steve-M's COL Editor for that. If you go with MTA script, all you'll need is a single collision file and a single model file (optionally TXD file if using custom textures).

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Added bits of info
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Perfect, thanks a lot! . Which MTA script do you recommend to replace .col .dff and .txd files?

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On 23/09/2019 at 20:35, Fduuuu said:

Perfect, thanks a lot! . Which MTA script do you recommend to replace .col .dff and .txd files?




Just click and use the code examples from these functions on wiki, no need to screen share anything, it's pretty simple..

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