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[SELL] Packages of Models for WAR


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  • The second pack, 215 models. Buildings have interiors, mesh collision and more.

Price: $15


  • The fourth pack from arma. 14 Kishlak houses and 41 interior decor, high poly. You could saw this model in arma 2.

Price: $5.


  • The third pack, again 215 models. No interiors, mipmap 10, houses, blocks, misc, middle east ambience, high and low polygons.

Price: $15.


P.S. Not all models shown in screenshots.



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4 hours ago, Dexlord said:

I just used lighting shaders or colormod. Mulitipoly models don't support prelighting very well.

Models with high poly counts produce the best quality prelighting, although high poly is far from necessary. Models with low poly do looks stunning, but adding a bit more geometry at the light-affected areas by subdividing the mesh can give decent results even at low poly counts. Doing this, you might spare your customers from having to utilise lighting shaders. ::D
I wish you luck with the business, please don't consider the messages hateful, it's meant as constructive feedback!

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4 hours ago, Captain Cody said:

Higher the poly count = the better the lighting. Even if it's low poly you can still produce decent lighting that is much better then the current flat lighting. Trust me, I've been working on maps for years.

The only minus of models is vertex. Ok, i can make prelighting. I use this model when i creating my project, but on him i using enb shader, which he himself created the light on vertex.

Sorry for my eng, i russian.

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