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Dzsozi (h03)

Problem with effect rotations

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I am asking for your help in rotation calculations, I am struggling to get done what I want.

I made a script to attach effects to vehicles, but I noticed a problem with some specific effects (for example the one called "petrolcan", which is the effect you get when your character is peeing). I attached this effect to the position of the wheel_rb_dummy and wheel_lb_dummy, now the problem is that when my vehicle turns the effects do not keep their offset rotations, they turn in wrong directions.

Here's my current calculations:

vehicleEffectData = {
  ["smoke"] = {
		["wheel_lb_dummy"] = {
			["petrolcan"] = {x = -0.1, y = 0.3, z = 0.3, rx = -270, ry = 0, density = 1},
		["wheel_rb_dummy"] = {
			["petrolcan"] = {x = 0.1, y = 0.3, z = 0.3, rx = 270, ry = 0, density = 1},

local attachedEffects = {}
local vehicleEffects = {}

function attachEffect(effect, element, pos, rot)
	attachedEffects[effect] = { effect = effect, element = element, pos = pos, rot = rot }
	addEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", effect, function() attachedEffects[effect] = nil end)
	addEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", element, function() attachedEffects[effect] = nil end)
	return true

addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, 	
		for fx, info in pairs(attachedEffects) do
			local rx, ry, rz = info.rot.x, info.rot.y, info.rot.z
			local elementRX, elementRY, elementRZ = getElementRotation(info.element)
			local x, y, z = getPositionFromElementOffset(info.element, info.pos.x, info.pos.y, info.pos.z)
			setElementPosition(fx, x, y, z)
			setElementRotation(fx, rx-(elementRX+90)-180, elementRY-ry+90, elementRZ-rz)

-- inside script:
attachEffect(vehicleEffects[vehicle][effect][partName][effectName], vehicle, Vector3(partX+effectData.x, partY+effectData.y/(seatToEngineDifference*2), partZ+effectData.z), Vector3(effectData.rx or 0, effectData.ry or 0, effectData.rz or 0))

Images of the current version:

This is the rotation I want to always achieve when I set the rotation inside the table, but this only happens when I am facing this or -(this) direction:


When I face north (the effects rotate as well and they turn inside):


Please help me out with the calculations!

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I just noticed I didn't even use the given rotations at this line;

setElementRotation(fx, rx-(elementRX+90)-180, elementRY-ry+90, elementRZ-rz) -- what do i actually write here?

but I changed up the variables so many times, nothing seemed to work, probably I copied the wrong version of the script while I was trying to achieve what I wanted.

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