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Hello! This time, we will introduce a new type of gameplay into MTA:SA named "Social simulation role play" (SS-RP), what it is? Basically unlike most of the RP servers, you don't have to simulate every action you are doing. You only have to simulate the character you are playing, example, if you are a mafia boss, a police, etc. We have a system implemented with animations and shouts whose can be used easily in order to reproduce a role or action.

Server in general:

SS-RP, for example, its the gameplay of a very popular game named "The Sims". We have many things in common with that videogame: Needs (thirst, hunger, energy, bladder, hygiene) which means that owning a house, its a MUST! And also a system of skills whose can be learnt at the University, Gym, etc. You can role a group, you can role a mobster, you can do many actions in our server, we are not limited!


We have a custom city! Made with Map editor, since we know that most of you are bored of the current San Andreas! 

Since having house its very needed you can stay in any hotel till you have enough money to afford any house. Houses have new interiors, not the default ones. Also those can be furnitured as you wish! 

A new city full of drama and new missions is awaiting! 




About jobs:

You have many ways to get money. Every job needs certain qualities or skills, as mentioned above, skills are needed in some job and you have to learn them. Theres also jobs that don't need abilities/skills.

Basically you have to start from 0% with a common job such as an cashier and then by studying or making certain actions as medic or cop.

There are +10 new jobs (Some never made in MTA) but we will try to implement new jobs or new ways to make money daily.




About combats:

Our system is trying to be apart of most of the RPG/RP servers thats why we introduce a new way of DM; Tactical shooting.

Since our server is RP, we try to keep the realism at every way. With this system, tactics and skills are very needed, you gotta use cover and also find the correct moment to rush or shoot. 3 shots or 1 headshot = Dead. Also we implemented a system of hemorraghe whose makes the combats more harder.

We also introduce a lot of animations when it's time to fight such as move crouched easily, easy weapon switch and hit the dirt!

Law/Criminal system:

We implemented "Karma". You get negative karma by doing bad actions such as not working, fighting, etc. As low karma player you can play as criminal. You can role the criminal you want! A narco, a robber, a biker, a psycho, etc!

As a good karma player you can play as civilian or as cop. We have a law system very unique and original. You will be also able to be the law chief or a simple police man. Also a corrupt cop, as I said before this is unlimited!



For the moment our server is on development but we are looking for future members! Server will be available in spanish but soon in more languages!


Join our Discord:



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