My Serial Has Been Changed ?

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I Just Uptaded MTA 1.5.6 Yesterday And I got a new serial and all my accounts was despier i need to get my old serial back because i have too many things in servers with my accounts 

The Fake  Serial :  CAC8AC94A7799C062CA8F7FC131789A1

My Real Serial :   0377F789C57640E4C3E3151449021F13

I Hope You Can Help me 

Thanks ! @Zakrepe

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You must be mistaken.

CAC8AC94A7799C062CA8F7FC131789A1 and 0377F789C57640E4C3E3151449021F13 are not related

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No Sir i just want to get my serial back

I baught new computer and i want my serial back @ccw

I hope you can help me

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Each pc gets a different serial, you cannot change it. Update your scripts so that it works with your new serial.

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