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Hi, I would like to invite you to a DayZ server that has been around for over 3 years,
during this time we've improved the server as you'll notice below.
The base is 0.7 from Tekken.
# 1. Modified group system in which min.
- Visibility of a group member from a distance,
- Possibility of hazard identification,
- Nickname visibility under F11,
-Blip death of a gang member.
# 2. BoatCrash
# 3. Author's login panel
# 4. Author's Weapon HUD
# 5. Ranking Kill / Death Ratio, TotalMurders, AliveTime by Zgetka pair
# 6. New hitboxes
-Sound sound
-Hitmarkers for vehicles and players
-Text at the top of the screen who we killed
-The killed person receives information by whom he was killed and how many meters in chat.
# 7. GPS Channel, the ability to change the render and foga.
# 8. New skins, backpacks, changes.
# 9. Author's locations
# 10. Adapted handling for cars.
# 11. Transparent Debugmonitor
# 12. New icons
# 13. Author's Tabulator
# 14. Information panel adapted for English / Polish
# 15. The backpack can be hidden
# 15. And much more what you can find out by going to the server!
Server name: V-DayZ
IP address: mtasa:// 20968
Slots: 60
Gamemode: V-DayZ!

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The top three players with the most killings receive a cash prize!

Ranking (F6) Today we reset a statistics!

1. 40e



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