Pernament Ban

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Serial: ECFA8B508F99D75535F486688CFA12E3

Type of Ban: Pernament

Reason: DLL Injector


Hello. I wanted today to play mta, i started it, wanted to join server, and i will get "Kicked by AC #4 DLL Injector", so i checked if i have any dll injector started in background, i found it on bottom of task manager so i stopped him. I tried again and again kick, after few kickes i get 1 hour ban. So i checked Task Manager again for DLL Injector and nothing. After 1 hour (now) i tried to join again, and i get pernament ban for DLL Injector. But problem is that i don't have any dll injector in background. Thanks for replies.

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You're providing incorrect information; you got detected only once for launching "Veiled DLL injector" while MTA was opened, as a result of which you got a single ban for 1 hour.

Temporary bans cannot be appealed, as should be clear from reading the section description and thread. 

As your ban has expired, not running said DLL injector while MTA is opened in the future, will prevent any problems.

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