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Programmer Lua - Big earnings

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Hello, as in the topic. I am looking for a Lua programmer who can create advanced scripts on the MTA platform.
The whole Gamemode RPG on this platform is for creation.
I offer a contract on behalf of both parties to legally secure that during the creation of this GM, a person who suddenly wants to leave, will bear legal and financial consequences.

As for the price, these are not small sums of type 500 - 900€ - the amount exceeds the 4th digit number for the code itself!
Additionally, it will be paid separately for graphics and models.

If you are a very experienced programmer who can create virtually any advanced script and want to earn well, then this offer is just for you!
In addition, if you know someone who could take it, please contact me and if you write it, you will receive a cash bonus: smiley:

I expect:
- Commitment to the project,
- Sign the contract for the order - otherwise do not even write.
- Good contact,
- First of all, personal culture,
- Knowledge of an advanced level, and min. in very good,
- Age of majority - if you are under 18 years old, do not even report.

- Contract on commission,
- Further cooperation in the gamemoda update. You will receive the money immediately after finishing the script,
- Possibility of full-time employment (permanent monthly salary, no matter how much you do in a given month),
- Certainty that after signing the contract, I will not withdraw,
- Graphics and models for the project,
- Personal culture,
- Good communication.

Price 4500 € for the code itself

- PM forum,
- Discord: Admaxis # 5460

Sorry for my bad english

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