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server in ubuntu

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Well, first of all, Ubuntu 16 is an old version (albeit still in support), you should use 18.04 if you want a newer LTS version.

Now to answer your question, you have two options:

The first option is to shutdown the server by using the 'shutdown' command inside the server console. If you used the 'screen' program mentioned in the tutorial you linked, you first have to re-attach the mtasa console by running 'screen -r mtasa'. After the server is off, you can edit the ACL and then start the server again after you're done. If you edit the ACL while the server is running, it will get overwritten upon shutdown.

The second option is to use the 'reloadacl' command. Simply edit the ACL while the server is running, re-attach the server console as described above and execute the 'reloadacl' command in the server console. No server restart is needed here.

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