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Unfixable [CD16] Error?

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Since today I get the [CD16] errorcode when I attempt to connect to ANY mta server, yesterday everything was fine.
When I click on any server I wanna connect to the "Connecting" window comes up, showing "Connecting to [IP] ..." while the screen is frozen for ~8-10 seconds.
Then is shows "Entering the game ..." for ~8 seconds. After these 8 seconds the "Error [CD16]" window popps up telling me "Disconnected: connection to the server was lost".

What I've tried already:

  • Restarting Computer
  • Restarting Router
  • Reinstalling MTA
  • Reinstalling GTA + MTA
  • Disabling any computer protection (Firewall, anti-virus etc) after fresh GTA/MTA install
  • Connect to local map editor/host a game (from menu) - Doesn't work as well.
  • Connect to a server on my notebook (so another computer) - works.

Here is the MTADiag output:

I already had this issue a few weeks ago the first time. I backupped data to reinstall windows, then it suddenly worked again.
This time.. it doesn't.

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Its fking weird.
Exactly like last time.. I tried everything, but it didn't work.
Reinstalled GTA, MTA, tried everything i could imagine what could help.
Followed these instructions:

but they didnt help as well.
And now? I gave up on it and didnt touch it for about 1 hour.. and guess what?
IT :OING WORKS AGAIN. For no reason. I changed nothing since i last tested where it didnt work..

Somebody understand that MTA Error please, lol.


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