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whats the difference between PLAYER and SOURCE?


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For example:

1. addCommandhandler("test", function(player, command, something )

2. triggerClientEvent(source, "event", source)


Why the hell in first case i have to use player while in the second place, source?

Thank you in advance

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For first case, you are not forced to use 'player' you may use any variable you wish.

2nd case, you are forced to use 'source' only in case if you are using an event (for example 'onPlayerJoin') so the player is the source of that event.

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The difference is that only a player can issue a command, though an event's source could be any element type. This is why the wiki uses 'player' for command source variable, but you're free to use whatever name you want.

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In the first case, the first argument is the player who typed the command, and it's up to you to call it whatever you want.

in the second case the source gotta be defined in the parent event/function, also it refers for "which element (player) am i going to trigger this event for?"

also, the source is most likely to be hidden, you will find what it refers to when you search about the parent event in the wiki (would be like "The source of this event is ...")

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