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[LF] Lua-Developers/enthusiasts for automotive projects (worldwide)

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Hi all,

I own a 'vehicle-oriented' MTA:SA server, which was grounded a couple of years ago. Our team has grown up within the fun/gaming process in cases of ideas and modelling (there are about 10 stable 3D-modelling/-designing enthusiasts at the moment), so I personally had to go on with my scripting and 'thought-scaling' skills. It is also could be very familiar/close to many MTA-enthusiasts, that organizing/'management' (except coding) of such kind of team takes much time, attention and effort. Now I met that 'level' where all the ideas and large amount of routine became a kind of 'hardly storable' thing for my head being the only Lua-coding and 'general processing unit' in the project. The same trouble meets the project in general - many things which were released within the server updates could be not less  useful in much bigger number of places worldwide, so the current project looks like a 'too small house for a too large family'.

Here is an 'example'-(short)list of systems which were successfully released/resolutely begun by me and my teammates. More info could be presented personally to people who become interested in.

  1. Vehicle platform/base unification. At first, it looks like a simple 'setVehicleComponentVisible'-based tuning system, but it becomes much more complicated and interesting, when it goes about 'realistic' exterior-detailing, which needs a large work done not only by modellers, but also by a crew of general car enthusiasts, which look for and finally provide technical info about how every model/modification looks in real life and which parts should be modelled. All opening panels (doors, bonnets etc) DO have synchro, so they open/close such as the original GTA-components do. 
  2. Vehicle-'damage' system with component movement and 'wrecking' HLSL-shaders (in progress). Photos possible for interested in cooperation by request.
  3. Custom corona-based vehicle lights system. 
  4. In-game vehicle component positioning with synchro and 'cross-DFF' tuning system (allows to install parts from another vehicle model).
  5. Full-3D numberplates system. Even plates are UV-mapped so they could be painted/textured in any way. All the fonts are so 'realistic' as possible being in 3D.
  6. Wheel system with separate tire-/rim changing possibility + tire texture changing. 
  7. Large amount of other vehicle and general gaming systems, which could be described for ages if needed.

Who is clearly needed?

I'm looking for person/people who is/are interested in 'automotive' projects. That could be experienced Lua-developers (PAID) who could generate and implement 'outstanding' ideas, and even other  enthusiasts, who want to improve their skills. The main goal for the moment is optimizing the routine (please note that 'routine' is only the word, sometimes it could be more complicated and 'prestige' than it sounds), because 'management'-tasks are taking more and more attention. Thats why I will be glad to communicate with any kind of people with corresponding level of personal interest to such kind of projects. If 'it goes', any kind of cooperation could be discussed.

Skills which are 'greatly welcomed' (but not obligatorily):

  • DX GUI development experience
  • HLSL (shaders)

I speak English / Ich spreche Deutsch / Спілкуюся українською / Говорю по-русски

Please PM me if interested.

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