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mtasa & single player


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We do not modify any of gta's files, so I very much doubt that MTA is causing your crash. Make sure GTA isn't running hidden (look in the Control+alt+delete process list), this can cause gta to crash on start up.

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doesnt seem to be anything with the name gta in the preocess list and i have tryed restarting laptop as well. (yes laptop its better than my pc :P)

i copyed the saved files over from my pc but that shouldnt make it crash shout it? i have tryed clicking new game as well. just crashes.

btw, it crashes at about 1cm left of loading if thats any help.

reinstalling it now seems to be the only way to fix it :(

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:shock: A mate of mine had the same problem, and we realised that it only crashes when he didnt have the DVD mounted, didnt ask him for it just bombed. Mount the DVD, problem went away. :wink:

P.S. eAi - maybe its about time you did change some GTA files.... theres a lot of trees that need removing man :mrgreen:

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the .set file is all your game settings, so copying it over is a bad idea. If you have a problem starting gta, deleting this file often helps as it resets the settings to the default.

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