Youtube Video on Browser is laggy

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Am I the only one facing this problem?

I'm using dxCreateShader and engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture to draw youtube video on object. But the video is so laggy and barely moving. I set playback quality to small and still getting this lag.

But when my character moving around (using w,a,s,d), the video is moving, not that laggy but still, unwatchable.

I also test it on guiCreateBrowser and play youtube video, and the video is barely moving.

I know its not my PC problem cuz i had 90fps and everyone also told me that video is laggy and unwatchable.

I don't know if I miss something or its CEF problem, cuz I made this 3 months ago and it was fine until now.

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In guiCreateBrowser, I found that youtube video plays perfectly when I'm moving my cursor. But the video freeze and laggy when I stop moving my cursor. Can anyone confirm this or it's just me?

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