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What can this be?

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What can this be?

ERROR: admin\server\admin_server.Lua:1560: Admin security - Client/player mismatch from " ip player " (onElementDataChange humanity>


function checkClient(checkAccess,player,...)
	if client and client ~= player and g_Prefs.securitylevel >= 2 then
		local desc = table.concat({...}," ")
		local ipAddress = getPlayerIP(client)
		outputDebugString( "Admin security - Client/player mismatch from " .. tostring(ipAddress) .. " (" .. tostring(desc) .. ")", 1 )
		if g_Prefs.clientcheckban then
			local reason = "admin checkClient (" .. tostring(desc) .. ")"
			addBan ( ipAddress, nil, nil, getRootElement(), reason )
		return true


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It looks like a client/player triggered (indirect) an event which included a different player his userdata.

Either a script/resource seems to fail the security rules or you actually got a hacker in your server.

And yes, it is related to elementdata. Unfortunately you cut off the full reason, so...


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